So much fun to film an episode of this crazy series! Check it out to see if we like the ice cream being served up in The Ice Cream Truck Disaster.  (Definitely not for kids!)

See plum run


My very first film! I had so much fun being a part of this amazing family movie - you can find it on DVD and Netflix!

I was honored to be chosen to represent the Girl Scouts of America in this important Citibank spot to celebrate the National Day of the Girl, and inspire girls to have a voice in civil society.


shut eye

The lost husband

Shutterfly Commercial

stage v

Loved playing Molly, a girl who receives a creepy old doll from her dad. Find out how I deal with my 'Dolly'!

Paradigm talent agency |  Schuller talent  -  Los angeles, ca

This was so fun working on a PBS Kids spot - I love this place which made it double-fun!

Really had fun working on a commercial about a product that helps people!

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HEB Superbowl Commercial
Trailer for The Adventures of Pepper & Paula
Shut Eye on IMDB

What a great experience being part of this awesome Hulu Original Series. I played the daughter of the man in charge of a psychic empire in LA. Check it out on Hulu!

Stage V on IMDB
See Plum Run

A viral outbreak is reducing the Earth's population in stages. After the first four stages, children and teens are all that are left, including me!

The Lost Husband Movie

HEB Superbowl

Playing Leslie Bibb's daughter on my Great Aunt's goat farm in Central Texas was a blast! I may have picked up some sketchy new talents from Josh Duhamel, check it out on Netflix, Prime Video, Red Box or DVD!

hyundai (national)

adventures of pepper & paula

​​contact paradigm talent agency or schuller talent to book me!

Lots of fun filming this national commercial in LA.  Hyundai autos are cool!

some of my favorite projects

Citibank - (national)

I got to work with my Dad and brother on the HEB Super Bowl commercial - oh yeah, Troy Aikman, too! (He was so nice!)

Prevagen (national)

My sister and I got to work together on this one - we love all the cool stuff we can make on Shutterfly!

Shutterfly Commercial

chuck e cheese's

Callie Hope Haverda